Just Be You Bracelet
Just Be You Bracelet

Just Be You Bracelet

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You are perfect and loved just the way you are! This hand-stamped bracelet with the encouraging message "Just Be You." Features two arrows around the quote as well. Designed and handmade by Nathalie Lane Jewelry, one of our favorite artisans!

~ Aluminum: Aluminum is a very soft but sturdy and lightweight metal. It is very hypoallergenic, fewer people have allergies to it than sterling silver. Pure aluminum will never tarnish, making it easy to maintain. Aluminum is a metal that is easy to maintain. It polishes to a nice shine with a polishing cloth. Not recommended for water wear.

This bracelet is 1/4" in width. There are 2 sizes to choose from: 6- (6) inches in length, 7- (7) inches in length

Size 6 - Standard Size Men and Women
Size 7 - Large Size Women and Men